the ended year (four track demos 2005)

by thomas house

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taped in bexhill winter/spring 2005 with harry for company


released July 2, 2012

aria hollow bodied bass
amiga 1200 running technosound turbo & protracker 3.0
fender telecaster
tascam 424 mk III four track cassette recorder
TDK FE & SA 90s
mum's VHS player and a blank video
cheap microphone
old spring out of an old amp



all rights reserved


charlottefield Brighton, UK

1999 - 2008

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Track Name: threes (four track demo)
run stand still in this circle stray across the line your back to the sun sweet fever dream one straight shot only almost twisted twist no way to stop them small wonder i'm not almost caught looking at small wonder i'm not almost caught looking at almost caught looking at repeat warning in reverse to the last cell repeat warning in reverse to the last cell repeat warning in reverse to the last cell to the last cell
Track Name: late repeat (four track demo)
someone's listening it's curtains if one ain't a number o god what about all the numbers with ones in? i'll list them for you now... i ain't listening, no sir! late repeat signer i'm just trying to see somewhere between somewhere and somewhere somewhere between somewhere and somewhere
Track Name: i dreamed you lost an eye (four track demo)
three sentences performance criminal whose idea was that i swear you did i swear you said something meaningless saints eye on your body count steps into the dark what dying founders really meant they'll drag you back woah clearly not two strokes so isometric say what i dunno why to stop no one even whistling while you stumble around waiting to get spared again can you hear me at all useless numbers intelligence if you can't stand the slowdown
Track Name: pacifically (four track demo)
my right hand don't feel nothing at all a point in the endless distance hello smiler see tomorrow yesterday did somebody laugh somebody laugh like this did somebody laugh somebody laugh like this hold your cursing at least until you're halfway certain the ending will take care of itself you'll give it a name with some of them long words who dares tell this is the thing and i mean this is the thing complacent admission future imperfact i seen before his best impression of himself
Track Name: one one oh (four track demo)
hardly sign no more stand in the way still you're under the house somewhere no-one will go since i did have eyes that saw these things so
Track Name: snakes (four track demo)
speaking the curse guessing the words learning the steps i'm a snake eyed little back biter on your case baby ain't gonna bring it ain't gonna woah
Track Name: can't stand up (four track demo)
it's enough for now enough for now the same things in a different order how can you remember where it ends you been stringing this out since i don't know what you gonna do if he says no and he means it
Track Name: beatings (four track demo)
dead letter christening one year of arrest stop copycat foreigner repeating in reverse that's real long division in a forced dialect stole off dead opposition left-sided relay something you forgot mister wire from A.C already died trying still asleep in the ruin as if he hadn't said as if not worth saying don't be all crucified and furious and lashes stare into the vent made me a promise and an enemy victorian roulette point counter-point counter-point as if he hadn't shown up singing them catfight blues come out of there on fire i was a fool to switch double standard double standard splitting hairs am i as in not to look at forced not to decided i watched til i could not and the last detail i could memorise play misty for me accidental counterfeit in this desperate hour waiting for the sentence eleventh hour promise i stole from the house an indifferent reversal i expect i expect wire from A.C had the opposite effect i missed the start of the ending and i can't afford to wait
Track Name: i'm harry marchant (four track demo)
i followed this far from the house don't make me wait hours at the bridge i got a face like chairman mao and it's cold and no fun get me snug in a rug sing me a hollywood classic it is the only way you're gonna get me in the car it's me it's harry you forgot already don't rub my belly or you're gonna need stitches just let me go upstairs